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Could Ray-Ban and Ferrari have made a new icon?

These prancing horse-badged sunglasses get the Leclerc treatment.

As sunglasses go, you can’t get more iconic than Ray-Ban. Tom Cruise’s Aviators in Top Gun, Bob Dylan’s Wayfarers, John Lennon’s round metal frames: they’ve been used for everything from action scenes to studio recordings to hiding last night’s hangover.  

When they partnered with the similarly iconic Scuderia Ferrari a couple of years back, you knew it was going to be something special. Still, the collaboration gets a little more focused this year, turning the spotlight on Ferrari’s racetrack star—Charles Leclerc. 

The 22-year-old, Monaco-born racing prodigy started out with a stellar rookie career, and has since moved on to F1. Leclerc has inherited the wheel from the legendary Kimi Raikkonen, and while that’s a big seat to fill, he could just be up to the task.  

Whether or not he is, though, the new Ray-Ban Scuderia Ferrari Collection already looks like a winner. Taking its design cues (and some of the materials) straight from the racetracks, it brings back colored lenses, updates a couple of classics, and uses lightweight frames for when you’re on a weekend drive or while learning to race from the pros.

Ferrari Round Metal Double Bridge

Round frames are a Ray-Ban signature, and the familiar design gets a more modern edge with the metal, double rounded bridge.

Ferrari Active

For people who like squared frames, this one does the trick, though it uses a more streamlined, curving shape that’s based on a Ferrari’s aerodynamics. 

Ferrari LiteForce

The classic Wayfarer gets a lightweight upgrade, keeping the familiar silhouette while being easier to manage. It also gets a decidedly Ferrari touch.

Ferrari Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a staple on race cars, being both lightweight and durable. This pair lets you get the feel of the tracks even when you leave the car.