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The Mantle Edit Oct 21: Off-roading in the city, Kabbalah, and how to work a grill.

The Mantle Edit is a roundup of all the best stories fromthe previous week, delivered in brief.

Sure, we like to dress sharply, talk about watches, and get behind the wheel. But that doesn’t mean that’s all we do. Sometimes, we like to get a little rough, too. Right after filming The Master Tailor of Makati, we decided to head in a different direction: visiting the mud track for the first ever 4×4 Expo Philippines.

4×4 culture is growing quickly in the country, and you can see how the community comes together when they’re talking about how much they love the outdoors (and the vehicles that they use to travel across it). You can see part of this in our latest video below.

Alongside this, we’ve also learned how to make skewers, and discovered a line of thinking that helps you figure out how things work from a different perspective.

It’s been a week of discovery for all of us, and we look forward to finding even more people, places, and objects to spark your interest. As always, you can drop by the site regularly and be part of the story.


Off-roading in the city? Yes it’s possible.

“In a country where rough roads and countryside paths can be found a few hours away from the city, it’s not surprising that a 4×4 culture exists. And if the recent (and first ever) 4×4 Expo Philippines was any measure, it’s a culture that’s growing rapidly.”

Mantle steps in the mud and gets right in the middle of an off-road track built in the heart of the city. Catch a glimpse of the local 4×4 culture and experience the dust and dirt.


Omega opens a new museum designed by Shigeru Ban

“Inside, the displays walk you through Omega’s history. It begins with a 360-degree video called the ‘History of Time’ and then proceeds to take you through all of its milestones—from old watchmakers’ desks and the early olympic watches to the moon landing and James Bond’s timepieces.”

Omega is ending an already historic year with a new museum to tell their story.


Kabbalah: Spiritual Solutions to Life and Livelihood

‘Kabbalah teaches us the spiritual rules of the universe,’ Ria explains. ‘When we understand what spiritual rules are and how they are at play in our lives, we are able to gain a better perspective on everything that is happening around us, and we develop the ability to make better decisions and consequently, we experience better outcomes.’

Whether in business or in personal lives, perspective is everything.

Dining and Drinking

By the Plate: Fire up the grill

“Grilling is often the manner of cooking assigned to the menfolk. Guys like to grill. It’s, like, in their DNA or something.

I’m kidding. Let’s not stereotype.”

Kidding or not, the grill is something most men are familiar with. Here’s how you do skewers properly, according to the Maya Kitchen.


Locale: A surfer’s paradise in the Maldives

“But don’t take our word for it. Hear it from a champion: Evgeny (Jackson) Novozheev.”

Four-time Russian Kite Fresstyle national champion Novozheev tells us about the LUX* Break— the LUX* North Malé Atoll’s own surf point.