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By the Plate: Fire up the grill

Grilling is often the manner of cooking assigned to the menfolk.

Guys like to grill. It’s, like, in their DNA or something. 

I’m kidding. Let’s not stereotype. 

But grilling is often the manner of cooking assigned to the menfolk. After all, roasting meat on an open flame, so that you may eat in order to survive, well, it seems like the sort of thing that the strong, provider type person would do. 

Unfortunately, nowadays there isn’t much opportunity to do that. How many men get the chance to go out into the jungle, chop wood, catch a wild animal, skin and gut it, and roast it, without the implements and conveniences of modern living? 

If you’re feeling the urge to burn some meat, maybe you can start small. How about some chicken and chorizo skewers? 

The first step, of course, is to go hunting–in your grocery store (or your pantry, if you think it’s sufficiently stocked). You’ll need meat: boneless skinless chicken breast, cut into one-inch pieces; and chorizo, also cut into one-inch pieces. Because you’re a sensible adult who eats vegetables, you find yourself some red bell peppers, cut into one-inch pieces. Add some spice to your life and your food, with lemon juice, olive oil, smoked paprika, dried red pepper, salt and pepper, and finely chopped parsley. And don’t forget the skewers. If using wooden ones, like bamboo, make sure to soak them in water for at least an hour. 

Here’s the complicated part. Take all of these ingredients you have hunted down and gathered… And put them in a big bowl. Mix them up. Make sure all the olive oil and all the spices coat every piece of meat and bell pepper. When you’re satisfied that everything has been thoroughly shaken and stirred, cover and let sit for 30 minutes.

Now it’s time to take those skewers. Carefully stab a piece of chicken, then a piece of chorizo, then a piece of bell pepper. On and on, until the entire skewer is full. Again, and again, until your big bowl is empty and your skewers are full. 

Here’s your favorite part: fire up the grill. (It’s okay if you’re using an electric grill. No judgment.) 

Grill until the chicken pieces are cooked through, and chorizo is slightly crispy. This should take about three to five minutes. 

Enjoy with some sangria in case you happen to have some in the fridge, or some whisky if that’s more your thing. Maybe sit down and watch some MMA while you’re at it. 

Recipe by Chef Noel dela Rama for Maya Kitchen.