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Just how Insatiable are you?

What happens when a former fatty meets a real beauty queen?

Murder. Arson. Seduction.

What else are you hungry for?

On Insatiable, Patty Bladell is a fat girl turned pageant beauty. To say that her world has turned upside down is the understatement of the year. But skinny is magic, and the girl once known as Fatty Patty has cast a spell on everyone around her. The question is, just how wicked is this princess?

Audiences in Manila had a chance to find out, when Insatiable stars Debby Ryan and Dallas Roberts (who plays Bob Armstrong on the show) visited real-life Filipina beauty queen and 1969 Miss Universe Gloria Diaz. Diaz, who is guest-starring in season two of the show, shared stories of her own experience with the pomp and pageantry of beauty contests. Of course, she also dished on what it was like to shoot the Netflix Original Series.

For starters, Diaz wasn’t even sure she was being invited to appear on the show. “They just Vibered me!” she shared. “I thought it was a mistake! Then they messaged again, and I told them to get in touch with my guy, and this happened.”

What does the beauty queen think of Insatiable? “You know, you think it’s a teeny bopper show. Then there’s sex, violence, language, all the warnings! So I asked my daughters, and my nieces, and my designer friends, and they were all fans of the show.” 

As for being on set with Ryan and Roberts, “I was so overwhelmed by the bigness of it all! Here in the Philippines, a stylist will come, and he’ll have ten dresses for you to try. There, on the set, there was like a warehouse of stuff!” She was also so impressed by her co-stars and their ability to maintain their Georgia accents. She said, “Everyone was so nice and welcoming! But the more they welcomed me, the more stressed I got!” 

Queens take control. 

“Skinny is magic” is not only the title of an episode in season one. It’s sort of like a mantra, not just for Patty, but also for Bob, both of whom felt like being skinny was the only way to be seen, and therefore to have control over their destinies. 

This is why the overarching theme of season two is ‘Queens take control.’ But Ryan and Roberts explain that this is the case not just in the show, but on set and behind the scenes too. 

Roberts shared, “Working on this show, you end up working with very strong women, which is a pleasure. Queens don’t ask for permission to take control. They don’t wait for permission. They just take control.”

Ryan elaborated, “Our creator and writer (Lauren Gussis), our showrunner, our producers, there are so many women, even in the crew, holding the boom mic and the cameras. And what this has shown me is that there are so many different kinds of strength, and that commands respect. Because respect is not demanded. Respect is walking in and knowing what you want and what you’re about.”

So is that what’s in store for Fatty Patty in season two? Ryan teased, “Definitely Patty is more self-aware. But you still wonder, maybe this time she’ll do the right thing?” 

There’s only one way to find out. Season two debuts on October 11, only on Netflix.