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Kabbalah: What is your purpose?

How do you find complete fulfillment in life?

There are many religions, philosophies and schools of thought all over the world, taught and practiced by different cultures and people throughout the centuries. Have you ever thought about these different beliefs, and wondered which ones might bring you fulfillment?

For some, the way is through the Kabbalah. But what is the Kabbalah, and what does it have to do with modern life?

The Purpose of Kabbalah

It was in 2007 when the Kabbalah Centre Philippines was founded, and in the years since, hundreds of students have walked through its doors in order to learn about the Kabbalah. 

Learn more in Introduction to Kabbalah as taught by Ria Trillo, Kabbalah Teacher/Instructor. The next session will take place on September, 24, 2019, 7:30PM. Visit The Kabbalah Centre Philippines, 2nd Floor The Garage by Rockwell, Estrella St corner Rockwell Drive, Makati.