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By the Glass: How about some Sangria with your tapas?

Your friends are coming over, and nobody feels like drinking anything fancy.

Maybe it’s a Friday night. Or a Sunday afternoon. Your friends are coming over, and nobody feels like drinking anything fancy. Whisky seems a little intense. Wine? People never know what to choose. Beer is always an option, but don’t you have that all the time?

No, none of that will do. You want something light and bubbly, fun and easy. You want something a step above soda and juice, but nothing complicated. 

It’s time to make sangria. You probably have all the ingredients lying around anyway.

White Sangria

Forget what they say about pairing white wine with fish or chicken. Have your white sangria with some wagyu cubes if you want, or maybe a bit of Manchego.

To make this, find yourself one piece each of mango, pear, green apple, lime and orange. Cube the mango and slice the rest. Put everything in a pitcher.

Next, add one-fourth cup of sugar and one-fourth cup of  Grand Marnier or cointreau. Then find that bottle of Spanish white wine you’ve been keeping. If you can’t find it, you can use something else, maybe Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling Alborino or Viognier. You don’t have to be too particular. 

Stir, and chill in your refrigerator for two to eight hours. Maybe clean up your apartment first. When your friends arrive, grab the pitcher and add one bottle of ginger ale. Garnish with mint leaves, so it looks a little fancy. Serve in pretty glasses with ice.

And if you’re feeling up to it, maybe you can make some red sangria too.

Red Sangria

This is probably the sangria your friends are familiar with. Make sure to have some fancy cocktail toothpicks ready; some people might want to munch on the fruit afterwards.

Start with one orange. Chop it in half, and squeeze the juice into a pitcher. The other half, you’ll want to dice. Then you’ll want some other fruits too, your choice of apples, grapes, strawberries, pineapples. Dice enough to fill one cup, and add it all to the pitcher. Add half a cup of brandy, one fourth cup of triple sec and a cinnamon stick. (No, cinnamon powder won’t do.)

Now it’s time to get pick a red wine, maybe a Garnacha or a Pinot Noir, preferably something chilled. Stir, and keep in the refrigerator for two to eight hours. If you want it lighter, add some club soda or clear soda. Find some more pretty glasses and lots of ice. 

The girls might be impressed. The guys might raise their eyebrows a little, but they won’t care once they take a sip. Enjoy with some tapas.

Tapas by the Maya Kitchen

Recipes courtesy of Chef Noel Dela Rama and the Maya Kitchen.