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Easy evenings

What do you wear when you’re pondering the end of the world?

The Italians have a lovely word: sprezzatura. It’s the art of studied carelessness, of nonchalance. It is, to be blunt, looking good without really trying. The French have a similar term for it, je ne sais quoi, literally, “I don’t know what.” 

The words may change, the language may differ, but the sentiment is the same: less formal, more personal, a pared-back approach, an effortless luxe. Perhaps best applied when lounging about with a nice drink, and pondering the secrets of the universe. Or the end of the world. Either way, you’re dressed for it.

When contemplating the vastness of the galaxy, it’s best to get comfortable.

Micro-printed loungewear, 
made to order from Sassa Jimenez.

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Steer through the stars in style. 

Mixed fabric suit, 
made to order from Joey Samson.

Beat the drum and feel the universe hum.

Micro-printed suit and trousers, 
made to order from LSW. 
Mixed print long-sleeved shirt, 
Robert Friedman at Tryst.

Is there a bar at the restaurant at the end of the universe?

Gingham blazer, pinstriped trousers 
and v-neck pullover 
all from Carolina Herrera Man.

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Whether traveling the globe or through time, a good suit is essential.

Micro-printed suit and trousers, 
made to order from LSW. 
Long-sleeved shirt, 
Robert Friedman at Tryst.

Creative Director: Erick Torres Dizon
Text: Regina Layug Rosero
Photos: Milo Sogueco 
Styling: Edlene Cabral
Grooming: Bullet Reyes
Model: Mark Mueller

Salon de Ning, The Peninsula Manila Hotel