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The Mantle Edit August 26: Transitioning, Bond tech, and luxury watches in a digital world

The Mantle Edit is a roundup where we take last week’s best stories and deliver them to you in brief. In this edition, we’re taking a look at the process of transitioning, with the personal narrative of someone who’s been through it. We also look back at the best gadgets from the James Bond franchise: a list that will likely expand as Daniel Craig goes on his final turn at the role. And do luxury watches have a place in a world that’s gone digital? Alvin Soon, President of Breitling SEA, tells us what it takes to catch the attention of one of today’s most prominent market: millennials.

Long Read

Lost in Transition: What I learned since transitioning

“People ask inappropriate questions all the time. I answer as honestly as I can.”

Deeply personal, this story narrates the experience of transitioning, and it’s never just about appearances.


Espionage and Explosions: Bond tech throughout the years

“With James Bond set to grace the silver screen again very soon in No Time to Die, the 007 hype is building once more.”

Daniel Craig is about to bid the James Bond world farewell. While we wonder about the toys he’ll get to play with this time around, here’s a rundown of Bond’s most memorable gadgets.


Do luxury watches have a place in the digital world?

“The luxury watch is getting a new fanbase: millennials. Some of whom had never owned a watch before.”

In an age where detailed screens fit on your wrist, why is the luxury watch industry seeing an upswing? Watch Breitling SEA President Alvin Soon as he talks about millennials and the luxury watch renaissance.

Dining and Drinking

By the Glass: Into the heart of cognac

“What better way for cognac lovers to appreciate their favorite brandy than to have a private, guided tour of where the magic happens?”

Maison Hennessy’s immersive tours let people in on how cognac goes from grapes to glass.