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Do luxury watches have a place in a digital world?

Five years ago, smart watches were the big thing, and the luxury watch industry was in a slump.

The release of the Apple Watch seemed to be the final nail on the coffin, the end of an era. Watchmakers thought it was the Quartz Crisis all over again, when the invention of the quartz movement nearly took the whole industry down. Only, this time, it would be digital screens instead of quartz crystals. 

Still, just a few years after that, things picked back up again, and it’s a trend that’s continuing ‘till now. The luxury watch is getting a new fanbase: millennials. Some of whom had never owned a watch before. We catch Breitling’s Alvin Soon—President for Greater China and Southeast Asia—at the launch of the new Breitling Superocean collection. Listen as he talks about today’s watchmaking landscape and why luxury watches are appealing to the people who live in the digital age.

Executive Producer: Aurelio Icasiano III
Director of Photography: Brian Monge
Videographer: Joshua Driza
Video Editor: Brian Monge
Text: Aurelio Icasiano III