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The Mantle Edit August 19: Barefoot in Mandalay, the luxury watch renaissance, and the Dark Crystal.

We’re heading into the end of the month now, and Mantle is still set to fill the last days of August with stories from its monthly theme: Icons. Last week, we took you to the Burmese cultural capital, talked to Breitling SEA’s president about the luxury watch renaissance, and revisited a childhood fantasy world with Lisa Henson and Louis Leterrier.

Take a look at the best stories from the past week and be part of the story.

Long Read

Barefoot in Mandalay: the last royal capital of Myanmar

“Formerly Burma, Myanmar has come out of 50 years of Army-imposed hibernation and isolation from the world. Now tourism is on an upswing, with the country’s Ministry of Hotels and Tourism saying there were more than 2.8 million foreign visitors in 2018.”

In Mandalay, where tourist stops are largely made up of holy sites, going barefoot is a must. It was the last royal capital before the British annexation, and now it remains the center of Burmese culture.


The iconic Woodstock Light Bus is back on the streets

“Woodstock has since become equated with freedom, rock and roll, and psychedelic themes. But there was one thing that put it all together: a Volkswagen microbus owned by one of the bands who watched the concert.”

An icon from the granddaddy of music festivals, the Light Bus has since been lost. But the man who painted the original has since recreated it, psychedelic colors, esoteric symbols and all.



Leterrier and Henson shed light on the Dark Crystal

“We took the opportunity to chat briefly with Louis Leterrier and Lisa Henson, the guiding lights of the production, to ask them about their experiences putting the prequel series together.”

Mantle talks to the two people who are bringing back the beloved fantasy world from our childhood.


Superocean 42 with white dial and blue Diver Pro III rubber strap (PPR/Breitling)

How smart watches paved the way for the luxury watch renaissance

“Still, if there’s one thing the smart watch did, it introduced millennials to the idea of wearing a watch, because some of them had never even worn watches before.”

Breitling just released its new Superocean collection in Manila. Mantle talks to the Brand’s President for Greater China and Southeast Asia and learns how smart watches brought about the current luxury watch upswing.


The Nike Joyride springs into action

“After enjoying the recent success of the React, which made its way across different sporting lines from running to basketball and sportswear, Nike is set to introduce the Joyride: another cushioning system that has 14% better impact absorption than the Zoom and the React.”

Take a look at Nike’s groundbreaking sneaker. As the name implies, supposed to make you feel better all around.

Dining and Drinking

By the Glass: Kingsman Milk

“If this cocktail’s name reminds you of a popular film or comic book franchise, your assumption is correct: the Kingsman Milk was absolutely inspired by its namesake.”

Check out the drink that made it into the top ten entries in this year’s Brocktail competition.-