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Sony’s RX100 VII: Amazing AF

Autofocus beyond reproach in a svelte, lightweight frame.

Sony knocked it out of the park recently with the launch of its latest premium compact camera: the RX100 VII.

Fans of the brand’s Alpha 9 now have an alternative if they want the kind of precision and power that a full-frame mirrorless camera delivers. “The RX100 VII sets a new standard for performance in compact cameras,” says Neal Manowitz, deputy president of Imaging Products and Solutions at Sony Electronics.

What’s stellar about the RX100 VII—considering that it’s “just a compact”—is just how crisp its AF is. Take a gander at what’s possible with its AI-based Real-time Tracking:

All that power goes with a slew of other features that make the RX100 VII a must-have for any photography enthusiast, from the casual to the professional.

The RX100 VII is set for broad market release this August. A Shooting Grip Kit that includes a specialized grip, battery packs, and other accessories is also expected later in the year.