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Spider-Man: We are all far from home

How do you put the pieces of your life back together after so much has changed?

How do you move on from earth-shattering events? How do you put the pieces of your life back together after so much has changed? What is the new normal? 

It’s hard enough to be a teenage boy with a crush, but it’s even harder to be Spider-Man, to be named successor to the Avengers, to be a protector of the planet, and to be Nick Fury’s new soldier. But that’s the card Spider-Man has been dealt, and he’s not terribly happy.

Let’s face it: we’ve all been there. We’ve all been put in positions of power and responsibility: positions we neither wanted nor sought. We’ve all had great expectations imposed on us thanks talents and skills we don’t always want. We’ve all had impossible tasks placed before us with far too many people counting on us. We’ve all left home in search of a fresh start, only to have our troubles follow us wherever we go.

We’ve all lost people we love—mentors, parents, parent figures—and we’ve all wished they could come back and make things easier for us. We’ve all had to struggle with memories, expectations, and inheritances. We’ve all wished we could just leave it all behind, fall in love, and go on vacation—without having the fate of the world on our shoulders.

We’ve all been Peter Parker. We’ve all been far from home.

But because this is your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, we all rise up from rock bottom with him, and it doesn’t hurt to have Happy (Hogan, that is) help along the way.

With Spider-Man: Far from Home, an era is officially ending. Where Avengers: Endgame kicked us in the guts then pulled us back up again, Spider-Man: Far from Home takes us into a world without many of the superheroes who have saved the world time and again. This film asks: what’s a world without all the heroes we’ve loved for so long? What’s going to happen when the fate of the world is left to a hormonal teenager who just wants to get away from it all?

But you know, we’ve all been there too. We’ve had to deal with big problems, and we’ve found that we’re not as terrible as we think we are. We’ve all had impostor syndrome: we all think we’re not cut out for the job, unqualified, inexperienced, too young, or not enough. We’ve all made mistakes that seem horrible, irreversible and catastrophically stupid.

We’ve all felt like failures, and we’ve all had to call a friend to bail us out. We’ve all faced people who terrify and intimidate us, only to find them our allies in the end. We’ve all had people claim to believe in what we can do, only to find them our true enemies. And we’ve all found true friends along the way.

We’ve fought our battles. We’ve all been hurt, wounded, and scarred, but we always get up in the end.

We’re all Spider-Man, and we always find our way back home so we can move on to another chapter in the cinematic universe of our lives.