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The Mantle Edit June 24: Historical Reenactments, Marathon Motoring, and Classic Style

The Mantle Edit collects all the best stories from the past week and delivers them to you in brief.

In this edition, we bring you the launch of a new micro-documentary series called Diversions, take you to the grueling world of endurance motoring, and talk about why classic style never really fades. These, alongside the others, are the highlights of the previous week, and you can drop by the site daily to read more pieces that let you be part of the story.

New Video Series: Diversions

In this new series of micro-documentaries, find out about the passions that keep people busy in their spare time. Diversions is all about uncommon pastimes, interests, and curiosities: each one leading to discovery.

Reenactment: Go back in time, relive the past

“Why care about history lessons from some dusty textbook or dry website?”

Mantle takes to the field in this micro-documentary about the Philippine Living History Society: a group that reenacts famous battles from the past. Watch the past come alive as the Philippine and Japanese forces meet head-on in the Battle of Abucay.

Vintage cars, modern racers, gentleman drivers: Meet the people behind the Yokohama Clubman Racing Series

“Curious about what people call gentleman racing?”

At the Yokohama Clubman Racing Series, there are no trophies, no rivalries, no competitions: only winners. Get on the track and go behind the scenes as we discover what gentleman racing really means.


Marathon Motoring: A Rundown of the Petron Kalayaan Cup 2019

“These events are an extreme test of the durability and mechanical soundness of the racecars, the physical and mental constitution of the drivers, and the efficiency of both racecars and drivers combined.”

In this two-part story, Mantle’s motoring correspondent, Jaime Fanlo, writes about the experience of endurance motoring in the Petron Kalayaan Cup. The race is a grueling test of mettle for both man and machine. 


Onscreen: Our favorite classic Hollywood musicals

“Beautiful clothes. Graceful movement. Music to sweep you off your feet. There’s nothing like a Hollywood musical.”

Hollywood has spoiled us when it comes to musicals. And in a field that’s difficult enough to choose favorites from, we share some of the best picks from the golden days.


Revisiting the past through style

“When I was growing up, I wondered if my grandfather had seen too many James Bond movies. He admired Bond and loved the movies from Sean Connery and Roger Moore. He might have skipped Pierce Brosnan but he enjoyed Daniel Craig. Whoever played the part, it meant style and function in one killer outfit—perhaps with full-blown utilities when necessary, but still stylish and always with classic pieces.”

Classics are called classics for a reason and you begin to realize this the moment you start dressing like your grandfather. Mitch Lagos discovers that style might just be hereditary.   

Dining and Drinking

By the Plate: Thank you Pho

“This week’s article may not be about ramen, but it’s about another variation of noodle soup instead that has been receiving the limelight in a small way: pho (which is pronounced “fuh,” by the way).”

It may not steal the spotlight from other noodle dishes, but pho is slowly creeping into popular consciousness. So what exactly goes into this rising star of Asian cuisine?