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The Oris Limited Edition Ocean Trilogy is out to save the deeps

Oris is helping the waters, three watches at a time

There are plenty of dive watches out there that are worth investing in. Pieces with history, great looks to match, and advanced complications and technology that could survive the deepest known waters. But it’s World Oceans Day today, and while we may be spoiled for choice in the dive watch department, Oris is helping make sure that the next generations will still have somewhere to dive in.

The Oris Limited Edition Ocean Trilogy is a set of three watches, each one meant to spotlight a different organization that’s either cleaning up, restoring, or protecting a part of the water. Each of the pieces has a story to it, and even the box is a reminder of what we can all do to help.

The Oris Ocean Trilogy box is made up of recycled plastic bottles.

The box is made up of chemically inert plastic bottles that are shredded into tiny pieces. These pieces are then arranged by hand and pressed into a panel to make up the parts of the box. And since they’re handmade, every piece is unique, adding a little more value by reducing the waste that’s lying around the oceans. As for the watches, here’s what they look like.

Blue Whale Limited Edition

The Blue Whale is the latest in Oris’ line of watches to support the oceans, and was made to support the Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) charity. Though no longer being hunted industrially, blue whales are constantly threatened by stray fishing nets, vessels, and noise pollution, which has led to the depletion of the population.

Based off of the popular Aquis diving line (like the other two watches), the Blue Whale piece has a 45.50 mm stainless steel case, and is water-resistant to 500 meters. It’s got an an aqua blue ceramic bezel and a graduated aqua blue dial. Inside beats a chronograph movement, powering the first ever Aquis 3, 6, and 9 chronograph dial layout. Only 200 pieces exist, and all of them as part of the Oris Ocean Trilogy set.

Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III

The third of Oris’ watches to be named after the Great Barrier Reef, this piece supports the Reef Restoration Foundation, which seeks to repair the damage caused to one of nature’s greatest living features. With a 43.50 mm stainless steel case, a gradient aqua blue dial, a uni-directional rotating bezel, water resistance to 300 meters and a circular date window with a coral yellow indicator: the Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III is a fully funtional looker.

It’s limited to 2,000 pieces, and was previously released before joining the Ocean Trilogy.

Clean Ocean Limited Edition

The Clean Ocean is meant to support Pacific Garbage Screening, which is currently working on a concept to trap plastic waste in estuaries and rivers before they hit the ocean. The waste will then be turned to energy using a floating platform.

The watch is a 39.50 mm time-and-date version of the stainless steel Aquis, with a gradient aqua blue dial, a uni-directional rotating bezel, and water resistance to 300 meters. It also has a medallion made of recycled PET plastic set into the case back, driving the point home. So if you’re looking for a dive watch (or three) to round out your collection and help the environment while you’re at it, here’s a good place to start.