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Friday Fancy: Drinking and Dancing at Almacen

If you’re from Manila, then you’re already familiar with Poblacion. If not, it’s a small area between the central business district and a residential area of Makati City.

Poblacion used to be filled with little pop-ups and small restaurants, but it has become one of the busiest areas in Manila. It’s the usual go-to destination for many barhoppers. If you’re quite the night owl, you’re bound to run into at least one person you know while walking the streets of Poblacion.

One of the newcomers in Poblacion is Almacen: a small, two-floor establishment that’s heavily inspired by Mexican culture. The place is vibrant. From the moment you enter, you’re met with catchy music, mood lighting, neon signs, and barrels that can either be used as a table or a quirky prop for an Instagram post. A curtain on one of its walls leads you to an actual photo booth where good lighting is provided. The wall art of a skeleton couple in festive garb sets a tone that’s a bit reminiscent of the movie Coco.

Almacen transports you to the colorful Land of the Dead (minus the dying part), and it’s exciting.

While the first level has a lounge feel to it, the second level has a more of a party vibe with electronic dart boards placed on the side of the dance floor. You won’t feel out of place, whether you’re someone who likes to go wild or someone who likes to chill.

Foodies need not fret, either. Aside from their various cocktails and drinks (their ‘Beer-Killa’ signature beer-and-tequila combo is a must-try), the place also offers great Mexican finger foods like nachos and empanada. If it’s comfort food you want, it’s comfort food you’ll get.

Overall, Almacen’s entire approach is to be a hip dwelling that’s not too intimidating for people who want to have fun and let loose. In case you’re new to the area, then Almacen is definitely worth checking out.