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Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel is your dream staycation come true

You could ask anyone right now what they’d rather be doing, and I’m certain they’d say they would rather be traveling. It doesn’t even have to be their dream destination, because sometimes just the opportunity to get on a plane to some random country—within budget, of course—would suffice.

Traveling is almost like being in an alternate reality: you experience entirely new cultures, taste cuisines with diverse flavors, learn about rich histories and meet people with vibrant personalities.

You’d think traveling would be on everyone’s bucket list but let me tell you: there are homebodies out there. If you’re one of them, I’m not here to convince you to get your butt out of bed to book a plane ticket. I understand the enthusiasm of staying in the comfort of your own home.

Here’s my pitch, though: for the adventure-hungry homebodies out there, Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel is your dream staycation come true.

A sense of home

Previously called the Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok, the Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel allows you to experience Bangkok’s colorful and enigmatic culture without having to leave the hotel. It proudly flaunts Thailand’s gorgeous, traditional architecture with hand-painted silk ceilings that introduce the hotel’s personal touch, where every detail is inspired by elegant simplicity.

Within its palatial walls nests a glorious indoor garden and the Anantara Spa, where you can luxuriate in their signature 60-minute Chakra Crystal Balancing therapy treatment: perfect for those who wish to experience serene exclusivity to get away from the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s most enigmatic cities.

The hotel also presents their guests with a vast selection of award-winning restaurants, bursting with intriguing flavors from Bangkok, creating an incomparable dining experience—especially when it comes to dining at the Spice Market. This restaurant offers a carte du jour of delectable Thai cuisine that suits guest palates, remaining loyal to the spices that have won over so many hearts. Their offerings feature dishes like deep-fried roasted duck with chili jam, crispy mackerel with simmered coconut milk, and green curry with braised beef. With a mouthwatering selection like that, it is with incredibly good reason guests keep coming back for more.

Basically, the Anantara Siam Bangkok makes you feel like you haven’t left the comfort of your own home—if your home includes a personal chef and hand-painted silk ceilings. You can think of this esteemed establishment as your humble abode’s extreme makeover.

A sense of place

It’s easy to lose purpose and authenticity when it comes to making your business a success. You desperately want it to do well, potentially causing you to lose whatever sense of passion that drove you to create it in the first place.

What sets the Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel apart from the rest is its three brand pillars: indigenous, expertise, and authentic luxury. It does not forget its roots: the hotel’s aim is to continuously showcase Bangkok’s local culture by combining local expertise with premium luxury standards, creating an unforgettable experience for their guests.

The Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel remains, and will remain, unpretentious: they believe in being organic, and in the importance of authenticity.

Speaking of authenticity, there’s no better way to genuinely experience Bangkok than by stepping out into its streets. The hotel is centrally located only a few steps away from BTS (no, not the boyband—I wish) station, or the Bangkok Mass Transit System, which can easily take you where you need to go, especially around the city.

Since the Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel is located next to the city’s most celebrated locations, you can ditch the train (or your vehicle of choice) and go on foot instead. But what good are your feet going to do if you aren’t even sure where to go?

A sense of adventure

If you’re looking to satisfy your inner shopaholic with a good dose of retail therapy, then you’ll definitely love Bangkok’s Ratchaprasong shopping and entertainment district, alongside other shopping malls like Gaysorn (two-minute walk), Central World (also a two-minute walk), and Siam Paragon (a 10-minute walk or a five-minute drive).

If you’re more into learning about the country’s history and visiting its historical sites, you are only a minute away from the Thao Maga Phrom Shrine (or commonly known as the Erawan Shrine), a shrine that houses Phra Phrom, the Thai representation of Brahma, the Hindu god of creation. Bangkok’s filled with historical sites to see, like The Grand Palace, Wat Pho (Reclining Buddha) and Wat Arun Temple—only a 20-minute drive away from Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel.

If you’re really looking to experience the daily life of a Bangkokian, you should take a stroll around Lumphini Park, Bangkok’s largest park, where locals usually have picnics—or you could stop and smell the roses at the Pak Khlong Talat wholesale flower market.

So, whether you would rather indulge yourself in the pleasure of staying in to revel in the wonders of Bangkok within the ease of your hotel room, or if you’d prefer to see the city’s action—the hustle and bustle, if you will—or if you’d like to dive into Bangkok’s history through their endless temples and worshipped shrines, the Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel has got you covered.