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Leave it all behind when you go to Conrad Spa Manila

Forget your daily life for a little while.

You work hard. Maybe you spend a lot of time on the road. Perhaps you run the family business. Or maybe you have a lot of side hustles.

Whatever it is, you’re busy. And you’re tired. You could use a break. A vacation would be nice. A trip to the beach, driving along the coast of some beautiful Mediterranean country. A bottle of wine, and a feast to match.

Who has time for a vacation though? No, you can’t get away just yet. But maybe you can spare a day for yourself?

Photo credit: Jar Concengco

It’s not quite the coast of Greece, but you can drive along Manila Bay. Sit down and have a drink at the C Lounge. Indulge in a little feast. It isn’t really a vacation, but it might be just enough to rejuvenate you.

The spa at Conrad Manila is a good place to cast your daily cares aside for a few hours. The moment you enter, the dark interiors seem to chase away the harsh light of day. Follow the attendant to your lounge, and large windows show you the vast blue expanse of the bay.

Photo credit: Jar Concengco

In the corner is an easy armchair, the sort you’d put in your office if you wanted to take a power nap. There’s a sauna, and a steam room, where you can sit in peace and sweat out all the exhaustion of those long drives and tiresome meetings. And a hot tub, so you can sit and soak, and float halfway to dreamland.

But what you really want is a treatment. You look at the menu of services, but the one you want is the Kalinga Detoxifier.

Photo credit: Jar Concengco

You take a shower as the therapist lays out the powders and oil. Moringa and turmeric, Himalayan salt and virgin coconut oil, sitting in wooden bowls amid candles and flowers. The colors, the flickering flame, the scents—already you’ve forgotten about the hectic week that you just survived, and next week’s busy calendar.

You lie on the massage table, and the therapist covers you in a blend of powders and oil. It isn’t even the massage yet, but the tension is already leaving your knotted shoulders. You’re wrapped in a heated blanket, and it feels a little bit like you’re being stewed. You smell the moringa and turmeric as you start to sweat. It’s not a hot tub, but you drift off a little bit, your mind afloat, your thoughts only on the delicious scents, the warmth on your skin.

Photo credit: Jar Concengco

Soon the therapist comes back, and removes the heated blanket. You rinse off in the warm shower, the water green as it runs down the drain. You towel off, and it’s time for the massage.

By the time you’re done, you feel as though you’ve shed your skin. The scrub seems to have removed not only dead skin cells, but the weight of your daily burden.

The massage took care not just of your tense muscles, but the stress and distress of your daily commute too. And the shower washed away the worries you wear like a layer of clothing.

You put your clothes back on. It isn’t quite a vacation, but it’s close enough. And Conrad Spa Manila is a pretty good place to get away from it all, if only for a little while. You think to yourself, “I’m going to do this more often.”