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A Case for Going Back to the Basics

Neutrals, tailored cuts, and even the plain white tee: men’s fashion is stripped down to its most fundamental form in 2019.

In this generation’s vernacular, “basic” is meant as an insult. The same usually rings true with fashion.  In the face of Gucci’s consistently maximalist offerings and Dries Van Noten’s psychedelic use of color, it’s hard to make an argument that good style shouldn’t feel like a punch in the face.

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But hear us out.

There’s something about a slow burn that can make a lasting impression. In the case of Spring/Summer 2019, it’s the understated, quiet style that’s making the most impact. There is a greater focus on the quality of the fabric. Layering is to protect against the elements, rather than on a whim. The zips work and things can actually fit in the pockets.

The irony of this trend is that when the flashiness is scaled back, you actually end up with a wardrobe that surprisingly gets attention even without demanding it.

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Executive Producer: Aurelio Icasiano III
Associate Producer: Regina Layug Rosero
Creative Director: Erick Torres Dizon
Videographer: Joshua Driza
Video Editor: Brian Monge

Text: Giancarla Aritao
Photos: Cholo dela Vega
Styling: Giancarla Aritao
Assistants: Lei Yabut & Karishma Gidwani
Grooming: Kayla Go

Special thanks to Conrad Manila