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Dragons, thrones, and spacemen scattered subtly about your home

How do you quietly celebrate the sagas you love?

We get it. You love dragons and spaceships. You read spellbooks in your spare time, and plan out battles with miniatures. You wear leather and fur or armor—or at least you would, if you could.

But, it might be a little difficult to explain these things at the office.

We’ve found a few ways you can still indulge in these fantasies without giving away your secret.

Games of chance

Some people display gorgeous chess sets in their living room or on the coffee table. Other people might prefer a gold-plated Monopoly set worth about US$2 million. The set contains 165 rubies and sapphires, as well as 42 full-cut diamonds. The dice alone are worth US$10,000.

The galaxy in your own home

If you appreciate fine art and craftsmanship, there’s no arguing with the elegance and detail of a Swarovski. Be it a watch or jewelry, the delicate designs and intricate patterns will light up any corner, be it your office or your home. So you might want to choose something from the brightest collection in the galaxy.

The 2018 Star Wars Collection features beloved characters from the beloved saga, crafted with enough amazing detail to touch even the most Imperial of hearts. You can collect the droids BB8, R2-D2 and C-3PO, or honor the Empire with crystal-encrusted Darth Vader and stormtrooper helmets. If lone bounty hunters are more your style though, there’s probably a good spot in your living room for the Boba Fett helmet.

From the Star Wars Collection / Photo credit: Swarovski

It seems 2018 was a good year for decorating your home with items from across the stars. It was in October when Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue announced his Star Wars line. His signature style applied to the galactic franchise meant a marriage of woven textures and clean lines, resulting in elegant furniture that might make you comfortable on any planet.

Photo credit:

Not too sure about this, but it seems Cobonpue leans a little towards the Dark Side, as hinted by the three easy armchairs: Vader, Sidious and Imperial Wings.

Across the Seven Kingdoms

Some people collect watches. Other people love shoes. If you prefer fountain pens and are heavily invested in the epic battles between the Seven Kingdoms, then you can sign anything with a flourish with these Montegrappa Game of Thrones fountain pens. Made of resin and steel, you can declare your House allegiance—as long as your house is Targaryen, Stark, Lannister, or Baratheon.

Loyal to House Baratheon? Sign edicts with a flourish with this Montegrappa fountain pen. / Photo credit: Montegrappa

But perhaps you’ve set your sights on an even bigger prize: the Iron Throne. What does the House matter if all Seven Kingdoms can be yours? Montegrappa can equip you with a fountain pen to match: a limited edition Iron Throne fountain pen made of 18-carat yellow gold, crowned with a fiery red ruby.

If you’re sitting on the Iron Throne, you might as well have an 18-carat fountain pen. / Photo credit: Montegrappa

In celebration of the eighth and final season, your purchase comes with a matching ceramic mug. That should help keep you arm during the long winter. And it might look good next to the signed first edition prints of the books by George R.R. Martin that are already sitting on your shelf.