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Want to drive an electric semi?

Trucks–the really big, 18-wheeler kind–are meant to be powerful things, capable of carrying impossibly heavy loads across long distances. They’re meant to be behemoths, trudging slowly but surely across vast landscapes, their only mission being to safely transport large amounts of, well, anything.

You don’t really expect trucks to be sleek, energy-efficient, or fast. Well, unless it’s made by Elon Musk.

Photo credit: Tesla

It was in 2017 when Musk unveiled the Tesla Semi, the company’s first electric 18-wheeler semi. Like the rock star that he is, he drove the semi onstage to a killer soundtrack, and the audience went wild as he discussed the features.

And why wouldn’t they? Because really, what sort of 18-wheeler can go from 0-60mph in five seconds? With zero emissions?

Though Musk demonstrated the prototype in 2017, production wasn’t scheduled until 2019. And Electrek reported last week that Tesla confirmed production has been delayed to 2020.

Photo credit: Tesla

Still, it looks like they’re putting that prototype to good use. The Tesla Model X and other Tesla cars are currently being delivered by the Tesla Semi, proving that the truck can actually perform as intended. For advocates of cleaner transport systems, this is definitely something to smile about.

Check out Tech Insider‘s video of the reveal from November 2017: