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James Bond’s next car might be this electric Aston Martin

With more news about the next James Bond film expected soon, people are getting ready to see what Britain’s most famous fictional super spy is up to. The film, which bears the working title Bond 25 (as the 25th in the franchise), is set to release in April 2020 and will be Daniel Craig’s final turn at the role.

Naturally, there’s already been a lot of speculation about who’s going to take over: from Idris Elba, who doesn’t want the role, to Jodie Comer, who seems to be one of the frontrunners in the list of women who should play the role next.

While nothing is clear on that end right now (and probably won’t be for a long while yet), the one thing that’s certain is that the next car Bond drives is going to be an Aston Martin—and it might be an electric one, at that. Bond 25 director Cary Fukunaga wants Bond to go green on his next outing, and the Aston Martin Rapide E might just do the trick.

Photo © Aston Martin

Revealed in the recent Auto Shanghai motorshow, the production-ready Aston Martin Rapide E is the first electric model from the marque. It’s also the first car to come out of their St. Athan facility in the UK, which has been dubbed their “Home of Electrification.”

The Rapide E runs on an 800V battery system, with a 65kWh installed capacity using over 5,600 lithium-ion 18650-format cylindrical cells. This system is located where the 6.0-litre V12, gearbox, and fuel tank used to be.

If you’re worried about whether it’s fast enough to chase after (or run away from) the likes of Ernst Blofeld, the Rapide E goes from 0-60mph in less than four seconds, and has a top speed of 155mph.

Only 155 of the Rapide E is set to be produced, and delivery starts late this year. Check out the video below to see what could be the next iconic Bond car.

Video © Aston Martin