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Weekend Watch: Cuddly dogs or homicidal sadists?

Take your pick on FOX+!

It’s the weekend. Your calendar is wonderfully, amazingly clear. Your fridge is fully stocked with all the soda, beer, and ice you could possibly want. You have every variant of your favorite gluten-free, guilt-free, sustainably-sourced snack food in the pantry. Your couch is waiting.

All you have to do is decide: What are you going to watch?

If you’re subscribed to any sort of streaming service, you know the agony that comes with decision-making. You watch the trailers for every show and every movie. You watch the first five minutes of this season of that show your best friend watches. You check out the cast of this movie so you can figure out why that girl in your office loves it so much. Next thing you know, it’s been an hour of surfing and indecision. You could have finished two episodes of The Good Doctor in that time!

But you know what, it’s okay. Instead of all the trailers and what-ifs and what’s-thats, maybe you can just give these FOX+ titles a peek.

Okay, maybe they’re not very cuddly.

Photo courtesy of FOX+.

‘Cuddly’ is not the term that might come to mind when you think of Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs. But their banter and bravery might draw you in anyway.

In a sudden and unexpected executive decree, Mayor Kobayashi of Nagasaki has ordered that all dogs in his city be shipped away to a trash-filled island! That includes Spots, to the distress of young hero Atari. In a bold move involving a rickety airplane and an almost-crash landing, Atari ventures into the garbage island in search of his loyal friend. Along the way, he meets canine companions, and together they begin an odyssey that will change all their lives forever.

Isle of Dogs starts streaming April 21 on FOX+.

How about something a little gruesome?

Photo courtesy of FOX+.

Maybe you’re looking for something a little more nerve-wracking, something that will have you on the edge of your seat, chips flying in all directions as you scream. Pay a visit to Red Miller and Mandy Bloom, and their quiet and peaceful life in the forests of the Pacific Northwest in 1983. Watch as some crazy evil people tear them (her?) apart. And wonder, as you chug your beer, how Nicolas Cage is going to survive the bloody battle in this gruesome opus by Panos Cosmatos.

Stream Mandy starting on April 29 on FOX+.

A comedy seems like a good idea.

(From L-R): Jay Chandrasekhar as “Thorny,” Steve Lemme as “Mac,” Paul Soter as “Foster,” Erik Stolhanske as “Rabbit,” Kevin Heffernan as “Farva,” Brian Cox as “Captain O’Hagan” and Rob Lowe as “Guy LeFranc” in the film SUPER TROOPERS 2. Photo by Jon Pack, courtesy of FOX+. © 2018 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation All Rights Reserved.

You’ll want a palate cleanser after all of that. You could cap off the weekend with laughs from Super Troopers 2, maybe?

Mounties. A thousand-pound bear. The Vermont Highway Patrol, at a French-Canadian border town. Oh, and a suspicious drug-ring. Hilarity? Most likely.

Super Troopers 2 comes out this 19th of April on FOX+.

Enjoy your weekend, folks. The couch awaits.