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Hermès is playing with our dreams

Add a hint of the surreal to your style this summer.

Hermès is on a roll when it comes to bringing out whimsical things. The brand known for its coveted Birkin—a bag named after English actress Jane Birkin—has been coming up with wildly varied designs. It is this same brand that, two years ago, had luxury skateboards, and last year, announced a line of boxing gloves (they’re bespoke, so you don’t have to decide on the color now).

Sure, you might think twice about actually using the skateboard, or hitting people in the face with your bespoke boxing gloves, but it’s nice to know they’re there for when you need them (hey, it might happen). Still, these are going to be some of the hottest collectibles out there, especially for the younger crowd.

Hermès has a history of making luxury things for the outdoors, starting out in the 1800s as a workshop that served noblemen in their carriage and equestrian needs. Naturally, their summer collection is always something to look forward to.

The SS19 collection sees a more playful side to the brand, with dreams as the theme. From the deceptively behaved ties to the light footwear, check out the highlights of the Hermès SS19 collection.

The Shoes

Loafer in Nubuck

Loafers are a summer go-to, and with the heat rising, you can get away with wearing these socks-less in a business casual setting, likely with an unstructured jacket. The sky blue color adds a nice whimsical touch, as well.

Derby in Denim Canvas

A casual derby is great to have as a summer option, and this one is a play on contrasts. The dark denim canvas makes the brick-red soles pop, so you’ll want to tone down the rest of the outfit to make the most out of that.

Sneaker in Calfskin

While it might be all in white, this sneaker is hardly basic. It’s a good choice for daily wear, and the supple calfskin ensures comfort as well.

The Ties

Summer lets you wear your quirkier ties, since everything is in a lighter mood. From horse heads to star patterns, you can dress up your shirts with a bit more flair using these.

The Accessories

Panama hat in crochet and striped grosgrain ribbon

The Panama hat is a classic, and goes well with summer suits and safari jackets. Throw in a set of button-on suspenders if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous.

Wallet in evercolor calfskin, goatskin, and lizard

This wallet in earth tones will keep your essentials safe. Leather being a specialty of Hermès, they’ve employed expert folding techniques and four saddle stitches to get it right. The removable card holder also comes in handy.

The Scent

Terre D’Hermès Eau Intense Vétiver

It wouldn’t be an Hermès collection without a matching scent. The grassy scent mixes well with the energy of sichuan pepper and bergamot, creating a textured, earthy smell. This can definitely be used to round out a summer ensemble.