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Gear: The Leica Q2 hits Manila

Now you can shoot in 4K.

Often credited for the advent of street photography, Leica’s cameras are famous for their simple design, a marked ease of use, and the brand’s distinctive lenses, which are made of glass and metal instead of plastic. It’s acquired the status of being right at the top when it comes to photography gear.

With the release of the Leica Q2, the brand is presenting a new face to its compact, fixed-lens, full-frame line. The Q2 arrives four years after the original Q, and will be its replacement. With the Q having been one of the more popular Leicas around, its younger sibling is likely to share the same reputation.

While the two look similar, a few key upgrades make the Q2 a little more handy. First off, the layout has changed quite a bit, with fewer buttons at the back and more simplified controls. The CMOS sensor offers nearly double the resolution of the original at 47.3 MP, while the updated processor provides an ISO low of 50, giving it a broader sensitivity range. The Q2 now allows you to shoot videos in 4k as well, and the electronic viewfinder has been upgraded to OLED with a rapid refresh rate that should minimize lag. The added bluetooth connectivity also lets you use Leica’s Fotos app more easily.

On the power end, the Q2 has been given a larger capacity battery that should provide 30% more use. And when it comes to the body, it’s still a tanky magnesium alloy like the original, but now also dust- and weather-sealed, so you can worry less about damaging the internals.

With an official launch held at Leica Philippines’ Bonifacio Global City boutique, the Q2 just hit Manila, and the queue for this model is likely to be a long one.