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An iconic ride made exciting anew

Vespa Notte: Everything is better in black.

You can’t think of the Vespa without thinking of romance, holidays, style. You hear the name, and you think of a confident young man driving, a pretty young woman behind him, wind in her hair and a laugh in her throat. You think of a hat or a scarf falling from her head, a clever quip coming from his lips. You see it, how stylishly they are dressed, how carefree they are. You can almost feel the sense of wonder, exploration and adventure that drives them.

You imagine dramatic cliffs, unexplored beaches, empty, winding roads. You await a dramatic kiss, a declaration of love, a smile that speaks a thousand things.

To say that the Vespa is iconic would be an understatement. And the choice of such a ride, well, it sets you apart.

So why would you want to mess with anything so iconic?

Enter the Vespa Notte, a special edition coming to Asia Pacific markets such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia in 2019. That sense of adventure and delight is still there, but garbed in a sleek new look. Vespa Notte is the special series available for Vespa Sprint (150 cc versions) and for Vespa GTS Super (300 cc versions).

Right before the launch we sit down with Gianluca Fiume, General Director of Piaggio Vietnam. “The Vespa Notte is characterized by its black color, black finish, glossy, with a lot of advanced features,” he says.

Notte means “night” in Italian, and everything about this scooter is black, like it’s dressed for an evening out. The chassis is opaque black. There are glossy black details, including the mirrors, the ornaments of the classic “tie” on the front shield, the handlebar ends, the passenger handle, and the extractable foot pegs of the GTS Super Notte. The rims and muffler guard are also glossy black.

Fiume himself looks like he’s about to hit the city for the evening. Dark suit, dark tie, with a lighter-colored vest to add a bit of soul, a hint of personality. This is meant to be a reflection of the Notte, presumably, where only the badge, the lights, and tiny details here and there break up the black. And it works. It speaks of a certain daring. A kind of look that’s carried by attitude.

A new look like this, it’s something that just might fit some of today’s riders. “With the Vespa Notte, we attract those who want to distinguish themselves from the others, those who want to be unique. Young people, they are eager, curious, hungry, and looking to the future,” Fiume explains.

It’s only a different color, but it seems to change the picture quite distinctly. Instead of a carefree holiday, you start imagining a thrilling adventure, something with a hint of danger. Instead of a light summer suit, you start thinking of a tight leather jacket, trouble on two wheels. In place of warm joy, there’s intense passion and excitement. You think about the possibilities the night might hold.

And how best to explore those possibilities? By riding an iconic scooter made new.