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Not so childish: “This is America” takes home the Grammy

Donald Glover, also known as rapper Childish Gambino, makes history.

We have to admit, we kind of love Donald Glover. As Troy in Community, his antics made us laugh and ponder life and play and college life. His friendship with Abed was the stuff of legendary bromance.

Of course, it was just perfect that Glover got the role of Lando in last year’s Solo. We think he did Billy Dee Williams a solid.

Gotta admit though, we really wish Glover had gotten the chance to play Miles Morales on the big screen. (We still have Into the Spider-verse feels.) That cameo in Ant-Man was such a tease.

These days, it’s Childish Gambino making a splash. ‘This is America’ hit the Internet in 2018, and everyone is still kind of nuts about it. So it’s pretty awesome that he took home not just one, but four Grammy Awards: Song of the Year, Record of the Year, Best Rap/Sung Performance, and Best Music Video. Even better—it’s the first time a rap song has won Song of the Year.

Such a win speaks beyond the genius of Childish Gambino and his team—video director Hiro Murai, and producers Ibra Ake, Jason Cole and Fam Rothstein. That video gives you chills. That video makes you think. That video strikes a chord. It’s about gun violence, black oppression, and so many other things most people would rather sweep under the rug. This win is timely, it’s well-deserved, and it’s about damn time.

Respect, Donald.