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Best of luck: Welcoming the Year of the Earth Pig into your business, your home and your relationships

How can you get the Year of the Earth Pig on your side this year?

New Year’s resolutions, check. Renewed gym membership, check. Newly Marie-Kondo’d closet, check. You think, you’re all set for 2019.

And then you realize, Chinese New Year is coming up.

With the nian gao and the red lanterns and the fireworks come the forecasts and advice. Do this, don’t do that. Avoid these, but keep those. Be careful about them. Brave the risk. Be cautious.

It can be tough to navigate the Chinese New Year forecasts. It can be confusing to comb through the predictions and the auspicious stars and the animal signs. So, in consultation with Feng Shui Expert Princesse Lim-Fernandez of the Yin and Yang Shop of Harmony, we’ve decided to help you out.

The basics

In trying to navigate the forecast for the Year of the Earth Pig, there is an important thing to remember: it’s all very personal.

The forecast for the year depends not only on the characteristics of the Pig, but also on many other factors: the Earth Pig, the auspicious stars, the directions in which they fall, the seasons, and the interaction between everything.

Your luck this year depends on your birth chart. The year, month, day and time of your birth each have a corresponding animal sign, and each of those animal signs has a particular forecast for the year.

Obviously, you can’t change your birth chart. So if your animal signs don’t point to particularly great luck this year, what can you do? This is where feng shui, or what you do with your surroundings, comes in.

Any geomancer will tell you, Feng Shui and the luck of your birth chart go hand in hand, and they need each other to work.


Obviously you want to know about the important stuff first. What’s your love life going to look like?

This year, the romance star falls in the west. If you want to attract new romance, or good romance, make sure the west side of your bedroom is neat, clean and clutter-free. Otherwise, you’re just going to attract a cluttered or messy romance.

Want to improve your luck? In the west corner of your bedroom, display pictures or symbols of people whom you feel might be ideal. Maybe you can make a vision board, if that’s your thing, or you can display a movie poster in the hopes of attracting a Charlize Theron lookalike.


Okay, for real now, what business will be booming this year? Industries related to the fire element are said be productive. That means you’re in luck if you work in media, entertainment, glamor, anything high-tech or internet-related, like gadgets and electronics.

Industries related to earth will do well too, so that includes agriculture, property, anything that has to do with nature. It’s also a good year for businesses that emphasize organics, basic farm-to-table stuff, natural food or anything using natural ingredients.

If your work involves health, that’s going to be pretty okay too. That means businesses that focus on a person’s health, well-being, emotional health. Aesthetic businesses, such as the cosmetics and beauty industries, will fare well too: anti-aging, preventive wellness, health clinics, anything to do with the core of a person such as spas and gyms, anything that make a person feel better or help them have a better, healthier lifestyle.

For industries related to water, metal, wood, this year might be a bit challenging. But there’s always something you can do: look at the luck of the owner or the person steering the company. It all depends on your birth chart. Oh, and if you have a dominant fire element, you can expect some economic or financial boost this year.


What to wear this year? Your lucky color will always be based on your birthday, and for every day lucky color, you really have to figure it out based on your personal lucky element.

There is, however a lucky color of the year, which you can use or wear when there’s a celebration that pertains to the year of the Earth Pig. Better check your closet for earthy colors and tones, like yellow, beige, brown, and a little red. You can also go with happy colors: red, orange, purple, pink.


Maybe you have a nice bachelor pad. Maybe you share an apartment with your brother or your best friend. Either way, whatever you put in your home to bring you luck has to do with your feng shui.

This year of the Earth Pig, there are two directions you have to be careful about: northeast and southwest. They bring disaster or potential sickness and backstabbing. Fortunately, with any smartphone, you can find a compass app so you know which parts of your home face these directions. When you identify these spots, try to keep them as quiet as possible. That means don’t put anything red there, or anything noisy like a radio or your new speakers. Avoid any renovations in those areas. Don’t even put any electric fans there.

Instead, you can look at the good stars in the north, the northwest, the center, and the east. Motivate the energies in those directions in your home, office, bedroom.

As always, look at your birth chart. If your chart says your health will be weak this year, put a cure in the northeast part of your bedroom to further attract good health. If you’re looking for romance this year, but it’s not yet in your chart, you can enhance the west area of your bedroom by putting a nice flower arrangement, or simply keeping it clean and clutter-free, to attract the right romance into your life.

So really, you still make your own luck, if you can read the signs right.