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Single cask whisky is available in the Philippines

This is about as singular as it gets.

This news came right when we were shooting our Master Class on whiskywith LIT Bar’s Francis Hasegawa (go watch the entire video series here). Cindy Chiu, the brand ambassador for the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, was there on location and was holding a master class of her own.

With her, she brought a few examples of single cask whisky, each one a unique bottling.

Unlike single malts, which are malt whiskies that come from a single distillery (though they may come from different casks), and blended whiskies (which are made from a variety of whiskies), single casks are an entirely different class of premium whisky.

Each particular bottling comes from an individual cask. This makes the resulting run extremely limited, and will usually number in the hundreds in terms of bottle count. It’s common to find the cask number and the aging period right on the bottle, so you know what you’re getting into.

Listen to Cindy talk about single-cask whisky in the video below: