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Get Your New High from Simple Creatures

A couple of boys from Blink-182 and All Time Low just dropped a new single, and this ‘Drug’ may have you asking for more.

Say hello to Simple Creatures, the new collaboration between All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth and Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus. Both musicians announced their new band together on January 24 via their respective Instagram accounts (@alexgaskarthand @markhoppus, naturally), together with the band’s own Instagram (@simplecreatures).

Along with their declaration comes the announcement of their first song, “Drug,” currently available for streaming from their main siteas well as the usual social media venues. An official lyric video is currently up on YouTube, if you feel the need to pair dark-but-whimsical cartoon imagery with your listening experience.

“Drug” has a steady, earworm-ready beat that’s faintly nostalgic and immediately appealing, with lyrics that are closer to indignant than angry (although it would be easy to dish out a rougher delivery at a moment’s notice; the pace and key are flexible enough). There are shifts that act as amusing counterpoints to the refrain, and the word choice is easily digestible while still coming across with just enough gravitas.

Try listening to it first by itself before watching the lyric video, because once you see the imagery it’s very hard to imagine the song any other way. We do love the typography at play, though.