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Editor’s Note: At the Beginning, an Introduction

As introductions go, this one has been difficult to start. How do you find the words for something like this? Something that’s taken much of your heart and time and effort to put together?

The answer is you can’t. But the reality is that you have to do it anyway.

So then, welcome to MANTLE. We’re all happy to see you here. And while these are words that you might have heard before, they all remain very much true.

MANTLE is a men’s lifestyle title. It’s about experience, about showing you things you’ve never seen, or never seen this way. It’s about curiosity and discovery, exploration and craft. But most of all, it’s the human side of these things that we want to show you. Something that you can experience and be part of.

Because we’re not just here to tell stories, we’re here to bring you to them. Whether by photos, words, or videos: everything here is meant to take you places. From this point on, in the weeks and months and years to come, that’s what we’re going to do. And, as we go live, we’ve prepared more than a few things for you to browse through.

We have the story of a man who trekked to the foot of Mount Everest; a hunt for a watch that takes us all around Tokyo and into one of the most famous bars in Ginza; and we spend a few hours with 

Ambra Gutierrez, the Victoria’s Secret model who was among the first to speak out against Harvey Weinstein.

We’re also launching a regular video series, and the first one is called Curious Professions, a series of micro-documentaries on people who do extraordinary things for a living. In it, you’ll see the women of Burlesque PH, who use dance to tell stories; the athletes of the URCC, who’ve made a career out of fighting; Jamie Dempsey, whose travel show sees her riding a motorbike around the world; and Luigi Dalcuore, one of the most famous names from the tailoring houses of Naples.

There’s a lot more besides, and even more coming ahead. And in all of these—whether it’s about people, places, cars, watches, culture, cuisine, and everything else that spans the breadth of men’s interests—we hope to see you right beside us.

We’re not here to change the world, but we’re going to add another voice to it. And I think that, in this voice, you’ll hear something of yourself, too.