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Take It from the Tailor

A Neapolitan shirtmaker teaches us how to make a wardrobe.

Leave it to the tailors of Naples to show us how to get dressed. This is a city that invented its own style of suit, after all.

Even coming from one of the world’s sartorial capitals for bespoke suits, shirts, and accessories, Luca Avitabile is a name that stands out. It’s a name that’s seen across magazines, menswear titles, blogs, and social media. Here he tells us the first three shirts to pick out when starting your wardrobe.

Executive producer: Aurelio Icasiano III
Creative Director: Erick Dizon
Director of Photography: Brian Monge
Videographer: Joshua Driza
Video Editor: Brian Monge
Text: Aurelio Icasiano III

Special thanks to Signet