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The Little Prince comes to life with Montblanc

Celebrate truths and tales with this fusion of two classics.

Do you remember?

“Men have forgotten this truth. But you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed. You are responsible for your rose….” So went the Fox’s last words to the Prince.

When the Prince first encountered the Fox, he was distraught over the ordinariness of his rose after encountering roses outside of his home planet. The Fox asked the Prince to tame him, and the Prince learned that in taming the Fox, the Fox had also tamed him. He realized that he and his Rose had also tamed each other, and his relationship with her made her special and different from all the other roses.

The Prince’s tearful goodbye with the Fox taught him that building relationships with people, although arduous, is ultimately what makes life more meaningful.

Calling to mind the same sense of emotion and meaning from the prince’s relationship with the Fox, the new Montblanc Le Petit Prince Collection begins with this release featuring St. Exupéry’s hand-drawn depictions of his character, the Fox, as its centerpiece, and the starry night-sky as a motif throughout.

The Meisterstück Le Petit Prince LeGrand Fountain Pens, also available in the Classique size and as rollerball and ballpoint pens, pattern the Fox’s face with platinum fillings on its deep sky-blue cap. The collection designs are also available in the Doué Classique Edition and Meisterstück Solitaire. While the LeGrand is the beautiful night-blue color throughout, the Doué Classique features the night-blue color on its barrel with the Fox’s face pattern on a platinum-coated cap, and the Solitaire with the Fox pattern engraved all over its blue barrel and cap.

Each of the designs includes silver platinum accents, and a golden star lacquered onto the pen clips. On each handcrafted pen nib is an engraved drawing of the Prince and his friend, the Fox. Laser-engraved on the crown of its cap are words from the original novel by the Fox to the Prince, “Créer des liens? … Tu seras pour moi unique au monde.” (“To establish ties? … To me, you will be unique in all the world.”)

Montblanc knows that writing is also an exchange and a form of establishing ties between writers and their readers. The design does more than evoke nostalgia. It reminds us that the responsibility of what we say or wish to impart to one another must be more heavily felt. The design of this collection both highlights and celebrates the importance of that exchange of ideas and creativity. Perhaps, now more than ever, in a world where what is essential is invisible to eye, the power of words should be taken more seriously.