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Forget the diet, and eat cake

What happens to your calorie count and your healthy living when a world-renowned pastry chef comes to town?

Keto is king. Carbs will kill you. Sugar is sin.

Eat raw. Eat fresh. Eat green. Go organic. Go vegan. Live cruelty-free. Choose local. Buy artisanal.

It’s like you can’t just enjoy a bite anymore. Everything you love to eat is evil. “But that happens all the time, over and over, when it’s sugar, when it’s fat, when it’s alcohol. But there’s nothing to be gained by the demonization of food, you know. I mean, the carb, and the gluten thing!” Chef Nick Malgieri cries.

An Italian chef based in New York, Malgieri has been teasing taste buds with cake in various forms for decades. Across Europe and the United States, he’s delighted the masses with his concoctions.

Baking in front of hundreds at the SMX Convention Center, Malgieri taunts the sugar-averse, the fat-phobic, the anti-carb, with not one, not two, but five different subtle decadent cakes, all adorned with the most incriminating ingredient: chocolate.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. “Take good food and don’t ruin it.Take care of the ingredients. Some people add so many garish ingredients that you can’t taste anything,” Malgieri laments.

In Malgieri’s cakes, every ingredient makes it to every bite, and every bite is worth every calorie. Take the Devil’s Food Bombe, a dome of rich chocolate and whipped cream, punctuated by tart fruit. There’s a sweetness followed by a hint of rum, the flavors and textures coming together, teasing and tempting you to have more.

But why stop there? If you’re going to break all the rules anyway, you should finish strong.

Just as nefarious is the Black and White Cheesecake. Above one layer of thin, spongy cake is sweet gelatin with a taste of cream cheese, while the next layer has the most sublime chocolate mousse you’ve ever tasted. “Chocolate mousse should be chewy,” Malgieri announces as he assembles the layers of the cheesecake. Indeed, this cake is no light and airy concoction. Forget those barely discernible flavors that pop into your mouth like an artisanal bubble. This cake lands on your tongue and, with little effort, commands your attention.

But why stop there? If you’re going to break all the rules anyway, you should finish strong. “People applaud this cake!” Malgieri says of his Chocolate Pastry Cake: three layers of rich chocolate cake, alternating with two layers of ganache, with a touch of bitter waiting as the subtle sweetness envelops your tongue.

Cake. Chocolate. Forget keto. Get rid of the diet plan. Enjoy your food, and finish off that cake.